Jean topart indiana jones et le temple maudit

Undoubtedly the weirdest and most Chabrolian characters in the bunch are Louis and his cranky mother, who form a cabal against the three businessmen who want to buy their house, acting every bit as creepily as their adversaries. Taking advantage of Louis' job as a postman, they steam open the mail of the businessmen and the doctor's wife, and hold a sort of daily war council in their basement, in which the trio's various activities are posted and evaluated. ("One down!" the mother declares in triumph, referring to a newspaper clipping about Filiol's death posted on their basement wall.) The mother regards every other female in town as a slut, and becomes hysterical whenever she thinks her son might be interested in any of them; Louis regularly locks her inside the house when he leaves for work, returning to serve her a late breakfast in bed and going out at night to spy on the three businessmen and vandalize their cars. (Filiol's accident, in fact, is caused by Louis pouring sugar into his gas tank.)

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Jean Topart Indiana Jones Et Le Temple MauditJean Topart Indiana Jones Et Le Temple MauditJean Topart Indiana Jones Et Le Temple MauditJean Topart Indiana Jones Et Le Temple Maudit