Trf ultimate films 1994-1995

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Drift took part in Cade's mission to infiltrate KSI , providing some valuable intel to the human prior to the operation. Drift joined in the subsequent assault on the facility when the news came of Ratchet's brutal demise and dismemberment. Drift used his helicopter mode to lift Bumblebee through the upper levels of the building to rescue Cade from Harold Attinger . The Autobots soon fled once again, and Drift was unable to intervene in the battle between Optimus and Galvatron when the drone's missile fire separated the Autobots from their leader. When Lockdown captured Optimus and Tessa Yeager , Drift infiltrated the bounty hunter's ship in Chicago with the rest of the group. Now behind enemy lines, Drift advocated stealth and a lack of violence, but immediately hacked an alien captive of Lockdown's to death when it startled him. Drift reported that Lockdown's dark matter drives were firing up, signaling they had about ten minutes before the ship departed Earth (nine minutes, worse case scenario). Drift went to free his sensei with Hound and Crosshairs , and remained aboard the commandeered ship of Lockdown's with him and Hound.

TRF Ultimate Films 1994-1995TRF Ultimate Films 1994-1995TRF Ultimate Films 1994-1995TRF Ultimate Films 1994-1995