Ringworm / boiling point - ringworm / boiling point

This worked for me. I had lichen planus . I am a very fit and healthy 42 year old man. It happened after I accidentally punctured my leg, below my knee on a coffee table. It wouldn't heal, then it itched insanely, then the lesions came. They appeared below my knees, mostly on my calves. I had never seen something like this in my life. Then it was in my forearms, then hands. The itching and spreading was unbearable. I tried everything. Doctors, dermatologists, anti- itch creams, oatmeal baths, meditation, but nothing worked. Some things lessened the itching , but it wouldn't go away. One day I was so desperate that I got on a tanning bed and baked myself for a long time. It didn't work. Yes, I even took a bath in bleach water. Not a good idea. I was desperate. The itching became a way of life. I was embarrassed to wear shorts or short sleeves. One thing I knew was that heat, Jacuzzis, etc., helped infuse the itch and made it worse, or more lesions developed. One late night I came across a foreign Indian website of remedies. It said to consume turmeric and milk and that it cured skin disorders. Having nothing to lose, I bought over the counter turmeric powder. I was mixing a spoonful in a cup of milk every morning and just downing it. I tried this for a couple weeks (at the same time, after a year of dealing with this, I just mentally did my best to not stress about it. I tried to purposely laugh more). At first all was the same. Two weeks in and nothing was changing. About 30 days of still doing this, the turmeric got expensive so I bought over the counter pills and just took a couple of them with milk. That's when I noticed no more lesions were emanating. The ones I had itched less. By the 2nd month they stopped. The itching stopped and finally, the lesions became scabs. It all stopped and faded. It's been 2 years. I only have scars in certain areas, but they diminished. About 5 months ago, I began itching behind my calves again. Four lesions appeared. They itched. I panicked and quickly bought turmeric pills. I reminded myself to not stress but most importantly, I did everything in my power to not scratch. This makes it worse. I took two pills in the morning again. Within a week, they dried up again, became scabs and disappeared. They quickly went away. It's been 5 months. I don't know if this works for everyone, but it's worked for me. I am not the type to share stories on blogs, etc. but I feel I owe my knowledge to others whom this might work for because I know how bad lichen planus can make one feel. The itch, pain and agony is not something I wish on anyone. Hope this helps others. Stay positive please.

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Ringworm / Boiling Point - Ringworm / Boiling PointRingworm / Boiling Point - Ringworm / Boiling PointRingworm / Boiling Point - Ringworm / Boiling Point