Dj akira - groove machine

Disco Ball’z – Got Da Power (Original Mix) [Not Fashion Group]
Dj Jazzy D The GrooveMaster – My Reservations (Original Mix) [TakeOvaRecords]
Joy Marquez – Unbao (Original Mix) [RH2]
Louise DaCosta – I Believe (Unit 29 Remix) [Full Tilt Recordings]
Patrick Richmond – Survive (Dub Mix) [Soulsearcher Recordings]
Puff-N-Stuff – Big Ups (Original Mix) [8 Down]
Puff-N-Stuff – Gnaw Gnaw (Original Mix) [8 Down]
Puff-N-Stuff – Grooves & Pills (Original Mix) [8 Down]
TNT, Patrock – Isla Fuego (Original Mix) [Statik Records]

During track progression, control 2 parameters with your 2 hands. Switch between tracks and control these parameters in each selected track. You can even press several tracks and set a parameter for them all at once.

DJ Akira - Groove MachineDJ Akira - Groove Machine