Mr no hands no hands clap your

Mr. No Hands is very strict and gruff also somewhat aggressive he isn't much of a fighter but he can be warrior when he need to be.

Hours later, Dean reappears in the field in a flash of light, knife and gun brandished. He heads back to their motel and finds Sam and Sparrow in bed together. Dean thinks he's only been gone an hour and is upset that Sam was having sex instead of out looking for him, but Sam tells him that it's 4am and that Dean has been gone all night. After his abduction, they seem convinced that aliens are at the center of Elwood's disappearances. Sam researches them at the library while Dean stays at the motel and checks sources online. Dean's alone when the door to the motel bursts open and a "little, glowing, hot, naked lady" flies in and starts hitting him. He traps her in the microwave and cooks her, but when he tries to show Sam her remains, Sam can't see them. Sam puts together the clues and determines that all of the recent UFO encounters were actually the cause of fairies .

Mr No Hands No Hands Clap YourMr No Hands No Hands Clap YourMr No Hands No Hands Clap YourMr No Hands No Hands Clap Your