Margot pleasure

But Gemma's biggest trial is about to begin...a journey of passion and betrayal, secrets and lies, redemption and discovery, that will lead her to a life she's never dreamed of.

On a personal note, I continue to do just fine after battling breast cancer twice in five years. July 2008 marked my five year anniversary from the first time I found out I had breast cancer. My oncologist says my five year mark will really be from the second time I had it so that one will be November 2010. He also says that for me it will be ten years so that one will be November of 2015. I am going to celebrate all three of them!  I am still adding to my BC Journals or “How Humor Got Me Through It” which is the ongoing story of my journey through breast cancer and its aftermath. You can get to the Journals by clicking About Me and then on Personal or clicking on Personal (BC Journals) at the bottom of this page or on this hyperlink – /BC

Margot Pleasure