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Yes it is! Thanks for the reply – I love trying your tutorials. They are wonderful with lots of detail & pictures that are perfect to follow. I just wish I had more time in my weeks!

Matt Neumann's Stuka 96 . This plane had over 400 logged flights at the time this picture was taken. A foam wing variant, it was Matt's contest plane in 1996, and used as back-up for 1997 and 1998. Since this picture was taken, it has undergone a complete refinish from the bare wood up and is now serving as a test bed for our engine development. As part of the refinish process, and to give it a new look, the fuselage profile was lengthened slightly with the addition of a new style rudder.

20-40 inch custom built classic style Dobsonians ... In a land where only the finest is good enough and in a city where stands the tallest building in the world, it ...

Concur’s Don Frederico son GT Don Frangelico had his first Elementary start placing 5th & 8th amongst an experienced field of horses.

Jaybee - Only For YouJaybee - Only For YouJaybee - Only For YouJaybee - Only For You