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Our purpose is clear: to save the animals that come to us, and to find adoptive forever homes for them.
If you, too, believe that high save is important, that each animal is worth saving and deserves our best efforts to find a safe and loving home, donate to BrightSide Animal Center. Donate money , time , goods for our thrift store , or supplies for the animals . Become a Member of BrightSide. As a BrightSide Member, you are showing your support of the high-save philosophy that we have embraced. You are showing that you value the lives of these animals that come through our doors. Without your support, we face reduced services. Let’s not let that happen in this community that cherishes its animals.

Brownlow medallist Dustin Martin added to his spectacular 2017 campaign to take out the Norm Smith Medal, racking up 29 possessions and two goals.

Brightside provides the online mentoring platform for Realising Opportunities; an award-winning collaboration of 15 leading research-intensive universities, promoting fair access and social mobility for students from under-represented groups. Over 300 eligible students per year are allocated an undergraduate mentor, leading them through a comprehensive programme of information and guidance designed to raise their aspirations. Online mentoring underpins all programme activities, and mentors follow a schedule designed to support students’ work, offering key information at crucial points in the year such as when preparing for UCAS applications.

Your mentor’s advice is some of the best, unbiased and helpful advice you’ll ever receive. She helped me decide which course to pick and I’m really glad I am where I am today. I’m studying nursing at University of Glasgow and I’ve been in several hospitals learning the ropes. I can't believe I'm already this far through the training. I've grown so much as a person since I started!’

The instrumental, produced by Smokeasac, sounds very similar to “ Okay, I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t ” by Brand New .

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