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Our dedicated instructors are fully screened, with multiple years of experience in music instruction. They are truly experts in the instruments they teach, often with credentials from highly esteemed schools of music. With a positive, nurturing attitude, they motivate and inspire students to reach their goals.

Early English translations of the Bible used the familiar singular form of the second person, which mirrors common usage trends in other languages. The familiar and singular form is used when speaking to God in French (in Protestantism both in past and present, in Catholicism since the post- Vatican II reforms), German , Spanish , Italian , Portuguese , Ukrainian , Russian , Yiddish , Turkish , Lithuanian , and Scottish Gaelic (all of which maintain the use of an "informal" singular form of the second person in modern speech). In addition, the translators of the King James Version of the Bible attempted to maintain the distinction found in Hebrew between singular and plural second person pronouns. As such, they used "thou" for singular, and "you" for plural.

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