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Dj Mike-Nice is ne of the top names in the area when it comes to American Hip-Hop, RnB & Dirty South! Currently stationed on Panzer Kaserne in Stuttgart, Germany his exceptional knowledge of the music genres and ability to read crowds guarantee to capture the crowd and put on a show every time he steps into the dj-booth. Regular international club bookings from the United States to Germany speak for themselves! Not to mention his successful mixtape series which are proven to show his skills, versatility as well as are known to set trends in the game. Associate of . Ent (Germany), HatLo Ent (/USA), INVADERS International Crew & resident DJ jobs in two of the hottest American Hip-Hop clubs in southern Germany underline that Mike-Nice is definitely hot in demand!

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Various - Hit Club 98 - The Very Best OfVarious - Hit Club 98 - The Very Best OfVarious - Hit Club 98 - The Very Best OfVarious - Hit Club 98 - The Very Best Of