Various spring sampler '08

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So let’s talk stitches.  The most common stitches used with fusible applique are the zig zag stitch (satin or narrow), the blanket stitch and a straight stitch.  The first thing we are going to do today is play with our machines and make a little stitch sampler “card” that we can use as a reference tool for future projects.  It will look something like this:

The process of sampling other sources is found in various genres (notably hip-hop and especially turntablism ), but in plunderphonic works the sampled material is often the only sound used. These samples are usually uncleared, and sometimes result in legal action being taken due to copyright infringement. Some plunderphonic artists use their work to protest what they consider to be overly-restrictive copyright laws. Many plunderphonic artists claim their use of other artists' materials falls under the fair use doctrine.

Various Spring Sampler '08Various Spring Sampler '08Various Spring Sampler '08Various Spring Sampler '08