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Key Motion ‎- Automatic Love (CDM)(1993 ) DOWNLOAD. Postado por MH4RKO5 MEGA às 19:35:00... Key Motion ‎- Let The Music (CDM)(1994) Key Motion ‎- No Chance ...

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The Miracle Worker has been released twice before on CD – once on a composer promo and once by Intrada. The latter edition sold out very quickly. It’s always a tough call when doing a rerelease of a limited edition title, but in the case of The Miracle Worker there was no question – the music deserves to be heard by the widest audience possible and because of its quick sellout it never really had a chance beyond the film music collector market. For this release, we have done what we hope you’ll agree are some improvements to the sound. The previous releases both had kind of a reverby faux stereo spread that wasn’t part of the original session sound - we’ve gone back to the basics as there was nice room ambience in the original recordings and the score takes on a more immediate sound without the extra reverb. On the previous releases there was a tape crimp problem in the opening notes of the main title – we’ve happily fixed that, and we’ve fixed a few other dropouts and other anomalies.  Also, we include two bonus tracks that were not on either of the previous CDs. Unfortunately, the sound is not optimal for the bonus material, but we felt that the music is so good in those two cues (one of which, as you’ll hear, was either rescored for the film or put together for the film as it differs from the originally recorded cue) that we hope you’ll forgive the not-so-hot sound on those two cues just to hear more of this incredible score. 

Key Motion Let The MusicKey Motion Let The MusicKey Motion Let The MusicKey Motion Let The Music