Stone breath ephrata

But are such marks spiritual marks or are they intended to be literal as a physical mark that is visible by the naked eye? Is only the Christian marked with a spiritual mark, or is he also required to have a physical mark, or even both? Or is it possible that this whole issue be simpler than we all think; is it unusual after all for two opposite sides, the followers of Christ on the one side and the followers of Antichrist on the other, to express their allegiance to their god by displaying physical marks that are visible to everyone; either for Christ or for Antichrist to show the world which side they are on?

December 2, 2017
Darrin from Redding, CA
Darrin had been coming to the Healing Rooms for the past few months to receive prayer for his mom who had cancer. His mom and dad both got diagnosed with small cell lung cancer a year ago. His dad died within three weeks. The lung cancer in his mom spread to her brain and doctors didn’t give her long to live. She was receiving chemo and radiation treatments. The other day Darrin called her and to his surprise, she told him that the doctor sent her home from the hospital because all of the cancer was gone!

Stone Breath Ephrata